Marble Elephant

 Marble Elephant
In handicrafts of India we have a large variety of elephant statues made of marble. Mostly these elephant statues are made of white marble, from which some are painted and others are not. The painted ones are just simple elephants made of white marble but are beautifully painted. Several types of different designs are painted on these elephants of its decoration. Even very minor painting are done on these elephants in such a manner that it looks gorgeous and professional. The other type of elephant statue are also made by white marble but these are carved with various pattern. A lot of hard work is done to make this kind of elephant statues because all these work is done by hands and lot of small work has to be done on these statues for making it look awesome. All these works are done by our skilled and professional artists and craftsmen. This is marble elephant statue which is a painted one. These is painted mostly with orange and brown shade. This is also studded with white stones which improves the beauty of this statue.

Uses Of Marble Elephant Statue

1. This statue can be used as a gift item to our family, relatives or friends on any occasions.
2. This is used as a show piece in our house.


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