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New Marble Bowls Are Now Available At Handicrafts Of India

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Marble God Statues At Affordable Prices

We are bringing for you the most beautiful and precious makrana marble god statues which are really made of high-quality makrana marble found in makrana region of Rajasthan.

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Maa Durga Statue

This is a beautiful Maa Durga statue made of makrana marble found in Jaipur. Here Durga maa is sitting on a lion with various weapons in her hand.

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Marble Radha Statue

We have available beautiful Single Marble Radha Statue that are have a high demand among the client spread across the globe. The beauty and exquisiteness of these statue make it perfect for decorative and gifting purposes. These are suitable for developing temples and places of worships. These are carved out of marble and stone. We offer our range at reasonable price.

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Radha And Krishna Statues Are Now Available At Handicrafts Of India

Handicrafts of India brought for you a special offer on a combo product i.e., Radha and Krishna Statue which is now available at discount of  Rs.1000

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Radha And Krishna Statue

Best Place To Buy Most Beautiful And Precious Marble Handicrafts

The best place to buy all the beautiful and precious marble handicrafts of India at the affordable prices and the quantity you want. Here no fixed quantity is there.

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Marble Cow With Calf

Handicrafts of India is providing you this beautiful white marble cow statue with calf which is handcrafted by our skilled craftsmen and also in affordable prices.

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Different Size Chess Board Available Now At Handicrafts Of India Store

We are bringing 3 different sizes of marble chess board for you at affordable prices which will increase your standard of playing chess.

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Buy New Marble Jewellery Boxes From Handicrafts Of India

We are providing the most beautiful marble jewelry boxes of Rajasthan at affordable prices. These jewelry boxes are made by our skilled and experienced artisans.

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Marble Leaf Bowl

This is a heavy marble leaf bowl made of makrana marble and it is also highly polished and hand carved by our skilled and efficient craftsmen.

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New Handicrafts Items Are Available At Online Handicrafts Store

Now new marble handicrafts items are available at our online handicrafts store at more affordable prices. Here we are providing ganesh statues, lord krishna statues and marble bowls.

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Marble Pot For Flowers

Handicrafts of India here made this white marble pot available for you which is small in height but much broader than other flower pots.

Marble Cow

We are here presenting a marble cow and calf statue. This statue well expresses the thought and emotions of Hindus who consider cow as a motherly figure. These cow with calf statue is made using fine and pure white quality marble and advanced techniques practiced at our production unit. This marble cow and calf statue is hand carved by some of our expert sculpture artisans. This a statue has got a massive market recognition for its features like complicated detailing, durable finishing, excellent polishing and realistic expressions. The attractive designs and paintings reflect the outstanding skills and talent of our designers. This animal statue meets the international quality standards and norms.

Uses Of Marble Cow And Calf This type of statue is generally used for decoration purposes at drawing rooms, table tops, and various other decoration of your home. This beautiful statue made of soft marble can also be gifted to people whom you care about. This can help rectify their Vastu an…

Wooden Jhula With Lord Krishna

This is a wooden jhula with lord Krishna sitting on it. This wooden swing jhula is completely made with wood. This beautiful wooden jhula is a piece of art created by the skilled hands of our expert craftsmen. This jhula is decorated with red, green and gold foil papers. Meenakari handwork is done here on this foil paper. Lord Krishna can be easily removed for the purpose of cleaning the jhula. Here baby Krishna is shown as sitting on jhula with a makhan matki and eating makhan from it. This wooden jhula is a piece of art which gives peace of mind by just looking at it. In this wooden jhula, the swing can also be easily removed for cleaning as it is attached to a hook on the top.
Uses Of Wooden Jhula
1. This wooden jhula is specially used on the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami.
2. If this beautiful jhula is kept in your pooja room then it will add beauty and elegance to your pooja room. 3. This wooden swing jhula can also be gifted to someone we care about. On any kind of occasion, this …

Marble Elephant

In handicrafts of India we have a large variety of elephant statues made of marble. Mostly these elephant statues are made of white marble, from which some are painted and others are not. The painted ones are just simple elephants made of white marble but are beautifully painted. Several types of different designs are painted on these elephants of its decoration. Even very minor painting are done on these elephants in such a manner that it looks gorgeous and professional. The other type ofelephant statue are also made by white marble but these are carved with various pattern. A lot of hard work is done to make this kind of elephant statues because all these work is done by hands and lot of small work has to be done on these statues for making it look awesome. All these works are done by our skilled and professional artists and craftsmen. This is marble elephant statue which is a painted one. These is painted mostly with orange and brown shade. This is also studded with white stones wh…